You Too Can Be a Writer. Here’s How:

When I’m done with you today, you will be a writer. Here’s why:

A writer’s either writing or thinking about writing. Therefore a writer’s always writing.

Actually that statement gave me some inspiration. I like to think about writing, and I like to write.

That is, I like to write when I am actually writing. When I am sitting in front of a blank screen trying to think about what to write, well, that I do not like.

But I have discovered the trick to it, and anyone can do it. Even if you think you are not a writer. As soon as I sit down to write, I write whatever comes into my head. Oh, sometimes I write the second or third thing that comes into my mind, but this is close enough for my purposes.

What’s the point of that, you say?

What if all I write is garbage, you say?

Why that’s perfectly all right. All you have to do is just erase it and begin again! It’s no big deal. I have talked to countless people who say they want to write, and when I ask them why they don’t, do you know what they say?

Sure you do. You’ve probably said it to yourself or someone else.

They say, I don’t know how to begin. Oh, that’s simple, I tell them. Just begin in the middle. Write the first thing that comes into your head. Yes, that thing.

There! The secret’s out. And I hope I’ve created writers out of all of you!

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