There’s Something Wrong Here

Forty Six Years Old

Something is wrong here, very wrong.

We secretly search for a cure for mid-life crisis, yet we despair of finding it. We are alone and lonely.

We are isolated from each other. We speak in sound bites on Facebook and Twitter. We love one-up-man-ship, and we live in a What-Can-You-Do-for-Me world.

A Better Way

This isn’t the best way to get things done. The best way—take the early Christians as an example—is to help and encourage each other, stick together, eat together, pray together. Even an atheist can meditate with and lift up others.

The masculine way of getting things done in this country is to put your head down and your nose to the grindstone. Don’t come up for air until the task is accomplished–rugged individualism at its finest.

This doesn’t work very well for most of us women, even when we try to copy the men.  We are cut out for collaboration. “Many hands make light work”, my grandmother used to say. Her work was different from mine, and much easier to understand: it was homemaking, quilting, sewing and washing clothes, cooking, and a thousand other little tasks she shared with her church ladies, her husband and her daughters. She didn’t give a thought to how to cure a midlife crisis, because she didn’t have one.

The Solution

That’s our tradition, and it’s a good one. Although times have changed, our nature hasn’t. We still need others to encourage and uplift us. We need to learn from other women, for there is a new spirit in the land. It’s not the old pioneer spirit any more. It’s now a new frontier spirit, led by women who know our work is to show the way—a kinder and gentler way to live together, in spite of the odds.

Pardon me if I repeat myself, but I must. If you are in midlife now (i.e. you are 50+), you may very well have another 50 years or more to live. And another 30 years is completely possible. What will you do with these years? How will you spend them? What are your innate talents the world could use? What if we all were willing to step out into the unknown and make our lives count for more?

I Can Help

If you are not content to let the rest of your life be a desolate descent into oblivion, I want to talk to you. I can help you break out of the deep ruts you’ve fallen into, and show you how to follow your buried dreams with support and inclusiveness. Whatever they may be, I’m very sure they are there and that we can breathe life into them. And that, my friend, is how to cure mid-life crisis.

I’m willing to give you an hour of my time, no strings attached. You can schedule a time to talk here.



Never Too Late To Bloom

Never Too Late To Bloom