Everyday Faith

Once in a while, usually while I’m driving, I reflect on the everyday faith that all of us have in others. Imagine for a moment that no one is following the rules of road on the highway. All the cars just go anywhere they want.

Never seen that?

Neither have I. I continue to have faith in others–that they will follow the rules and do the right thing.

Seems like a small thing, but it isn’t really. Even most robbers follow those rules. They don’t want to get caught, after all. And when I have visited other countries, the rules are obeyed there too. However, I haven’t been to Italy. I understand their rules are a bit different. We do actually need this faith in order to venture out at all. I for one would be terrified without my everyday faith in the goodness of people.

So then, can we expand our thoughts about faith in people? Aren’t almost all the people you meet polite, orderly, considerate–even kind?

What am I getting at? Just this: we hear a lot of hype about the other end of the spectrum. People have lost their morals, we have no faith in our government and thousands of other negative pronouncements. Why are we so ready to believe in and focus on the negative? Could it be our guilt that we don’t measure up, that we simply want to project onto others like a proverbial scapegoat?

I say, try having some faith in yourself–that you are a good person, a worthwhile person. And then refuse to believe anything less about anyone else.

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