Goodbye Work, Hello Life!

Gone are the days of the gold watch for faithful workers who are retiring after 40 years of service to the same company. You may have switched careers and locations numerous times in those 40 years before you said goodbye to work.

But now you are free! Hello life! Hello?

For some of us, the transition to becoming a social security recipient is joyous indeed. All of our lives we have looked forward to the Golden Years. . . Oops, they don’t call them that anymore. No, we are seniors. Wait, we don’t like that either. Retired? Ugh! We don’t know what to call ourselves, so I’ll just call us SSRs for short (Social Security recipients).

Where was I? Oh, yes. Hello, life. Now what? What do you want your life to be about? This may be the first time that you have actually allowed yourself to ask that question. You may know the answer instantly. Or it may take some reflection to discover your passions and your gifts.

Implementing them is often the tricky part. You no longer have the structure of paid employment, so you have to figure out on your own how to make your dreams happen. I strongly suggest you find someone to partner with, or a coach to guide you. I have found that most people miss the structure of their work and want the “two heads are better than one” approach.

Surprisingly, the coaching experience can often be an extremely short one. If you are ready to change and have some idea of your direction, you will make fast progress with the right coach.

To determine if you and I could work together beneficially, call me to discuss your situation. The first consultation is at no cost to you. We will decide together if we are a good fit, and how to proceed.

With this boost, you’ll be saying Hello life with a lot more enthusiasm.

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Never Too Late To Bloom

Never Too Late To Bloom