Hate to Exercise? How does 7 minutes sound?

I have hated exercise all my life, almost always preferring the couch to the coach, so to speak. I’m not overweight (well, 20 pounds, OK?), and I’m pretty healthy except for a little high blood pressure. I am extremely grateful for this good health. I don’t take it for granted.

I know I’m supposed to exercise. Goodness knows, it’s in your face everywhere you go. From Dr. Oz to Richard Simmons and everyone in between, it’s well known that exercise prolongs your life and gives you better health.

Why is it so hard to do, then? Well, for me, it’s difficult to be consistent, because I tend to get bored easily. The thought of doing the same exercises over and over for an hour, or even thirty minutes, is just mind-chilling. And then of course, there’s getting tired, and your muscles hurt for days. You know what I’m talking about.

Then I discovered 7 Minute Workout! With this system you exercise only 7 minutes, three times a week.

Now, most people, especially guys, don’t believe that’s enough to do anything serious. But here’s the kind of person I am. I wanted to believe it was possible, because I believed I could do 7 minutes 3 times a week and would keep on doing it. And after I had done it for a while, I would know whether it worked or not.

That was last July, and with a few lapses, I am still continuing my exercise program and seeing results. I even became a reseller of the program, so yes, this is a shameless plug. If you join, they pay me. I seriously would not promote anything I didn’t believe in, so I feel good about the whole thing.

You can check out 7 Minute Workout here.

Please comment below after you have checked it out, OK? I’d love to hear from you.

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Never Too Late To Bloom