Rant of a rankled writer

Do you know the worst part of being a blogger? It’s not writer’s block, and it’s not even SEO.

No, it’s the frustration and helplessness you feel when you want to do something and you can’t find out how to do it. Now I understand how two-year-olds feel when they have tantrums.

I was all set for a quick blog a couple of hours ago. I was going to upload a hilarious video and comment on it. That was, as I said, a couple of hours ago. Ever since then, I have been trying to embed the video on this blog, or rather trying to learn how to embed the thing.

I fancy myself passably intelligent, able to learn stuff, and not too shabby at implementing what I learn. Sometimes I just click the right things and don’t bother reading the directions. That’s just how I am, and lots of times it works, but not this time.

I am sure this happens more often to those of us who weren’t attached to a mobile device at birth, which includes most of you reading this blog, I have no doubt. So I’m hoping to hear from a few sympathetic souls who will try to console me for my two hours worth of frustration.

But please hurry up and write. I’m getting tired of banging my head on the wall!

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Never Too Late To Bloom