As the title might suggest, my husband and I have made a fateful decision. We have decided “Not TV”.

This started when he came home one evening and announced he didn’t want to watch TV. “I don’t want to watch other people’s lives. I want to live my own.”

That was fine by me. My TV watching consisted mainly of a nightly round of Wheel of Fortune, and although I miss the program, my life seems the better for having rid myself of that particular addiction, and the withdrawal pains are not severe.

We are, however, filling the gap with movies from the library, which I must admit is an improvement over the programming we had been watching.

Tonight we watched A River Runs Through It, a poignant film starring a young Brad Pitt. If you’re into nostalgia, family dynamics and great story-telling, I highly recommend it.

Feel free to recommend your favorite films in the comments below. I have a feeling we will not be watching cable programming again any time soon. As for watching other people’s lives, surely movie lives are of a higher order.

At least they’re not TV.

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Never Too Late To Bloom

Never Too Late To Bloom