Why did I write a book?

This is an easy answer for me. I wrote a book because I wanted to say something to women over the age of 50 (approximately) who may fancy themselves to be late bloomers.

What did I want to tell them? It’s Never Too Late to Bloom. I wrote the book for the woman whose mind and heart is telling her, there’s a lot more life left in you, old girl. I wanted to tell her in no uncertain terms to listen to her heart, to get to know the rest of herself–the parts she may have neglected while taking care of everyone else around.

Today I discovered that relatively young women are being inspired and motivated by reading the book.

If this is you, get over to Amazon.com and download the book. It’s still FREE today and tomorrow.

In case you don’t have a Kindle, you can download a Kindle reader here.

Enough shameless self-promotion! I hope you enjoy the book.

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Never Too Late To Bloom

Never Too Late To Bloom