Argumentative People

Do you like to argue? I have a theory about argumentative people. They argue because they get a certain pleasure out of being right. I have known people who would argue with me about practically anything I said.

I consulted an online dictionary and found this definition of argumentative: Fond of or given to argument and dispute. It is the fond of part of the definition that I find most interesting. Are you fond of arguing? If you are, I dare say it brings you a certain amount of pleasure.

Now, what if you are the one being argued with? You don’t particularly like having your statements opposed at every turn, so you are not the one who is fond of it. In fact, you most likely have a distaste for it. Why then, do you argue with an argumentative person?

You might say that you must defend your point of view, or you know you are in the right and you’ll be damned if some know-it-all is going to tell you different. Watch out! You are close to being classified as. . . well, you know.

Truly argumentative people take exception to statements because they have a habit of opposing others, no matter who started the argument.

For those who regularly find themselves disagreed with, and truly don’t enjoy arguing, here are some tactics I suggest:

Find a way to (sort of) agree with your antagonist. “Oh, yes, that could very well be so.” You can even mentally add, “On a cold day in hell,” if it makes you feel better. It could make you feel much better to actually say it, but that would not avoid an argument.

Dodge the argument. “I will give that idea some thought.”
And for an opponent who insists on continuing, you can repeat, “I really must think about that before I answer. Could I let you know my thoughts later?”

A one-word answer is my personal favorite. Whatever the challenge from your opponent, simply stare into space for a moment, and then exclaim, “Oh!” as though you had just realized something completely new. A pleasant smile and nod in the general direction of your adversary and a change of subject should suffice to end the odious discussion.

Oh, and by the way, if you didn’t like what I just wrote, you are most likely one of the argumentative people.

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