Getting Unstuck Continued

Getting Unstuck can be extremely tricky. After all, stuck can also equal comfortable. Speaking for myself, when I feel comfortable, I don’t want to move.

However, the mere fact that we are calling this state “stuck” must mean we are at least slightly uncomfortable. How do you know when you are stuck? You may have a “Is this all there is?” moment. You may feel blah without knowing why. Your dreams seem very far away, or maybe they are locked up so tight you’re not even sure what they are. You are in a rut. You just don’t feel right. You can’t get moving. These are statements my clients make at the beginning stages of coaching.

There’s a logical progression to getting unstuck. The first and most important step is to realize you are stuck. Once you have this realization, you can explore your next step. I recommend keeping a small notebook nearby for jotting down random thoughts. If you give yourself permission, you will begin to hear your buried yearnings, inklings and dreams start to emerge. This is valuable information.

Next, you may want to take tiny steps in a new direction. These may feel risky, and at this stage, risky is good, because no harm can really befall you. The level of risk I’m talking about is looking up classes in a catalog or online and maybe even going to the campus. There is no commitment at this stage, only exploration. Don’t settle for just one experiment. Go for several. They may be vastly different directions. The more the better.

As you are moving in these new directions, pay attention to how you feel. Are you excited, enlivened, and curious? Or do you feel bored, dulled or ho-hum about it? If you are enlivened, keep pursuing that path. This is your inner core talking to you about what’s good for you, the new direction you are meant to take.

What if everything seems exciting? What if it all still seems blah? Here’s where a coaching session or two might help you to further free yourself. You can learn more about coaching here.

Getting unstuck doesn’t have to be painful, either. Most of my clients find it to be a joyous experience and immensely relieving.

I’d love to hear from you. I can help you in getting unstuck. Talk to you soon.

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