Grandma’s Prayer Book

Did you ever think about the powerless feeling of being confined to a nursing home?

I didn’t think so. Most of us give as little thought as possible to this idea.

Today my hairdresser told me this amazing story. Her husband’s grandmother was living in a nursing home, feeling very powerless, when an idea struck her. I’m not sure whose idea it was—maybe hers, maybe one of her children.

She hit on the idea of making a prayer book, with a page for each of her grandchildren and great grandchildren. On every page was a picture of the child, with a special prayer. Every time a new one was born, a page with the new addition would be added to grandma’s prayer book, along with a new prayer.

Every day, grandma would pray the prayer for each child. It helped her feel more connected and no longer powerless, for she believed in the power of prayer. It became part of her legacy.

But the idea didn’t stop there. All her friends at the nursing home wanted a prayer book just like hers. And now the power of prayer is empowering a whole community of elderwomen.

Let’s hope the idea of Grandma’s prayer book goes viral!

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