Late Bloomers’ Perks

I’m a late bloomer. Are you? Let’s define that term.

A late bloomer is a person who, to mix metaphors, climbs the ladder to the top (or even half-way to the top) and realizes that the ladder was leaning against the wrong structure the whole time. Just when you think you are where you need to be, some unmistakable sign appears and you know you must head down a different path.

What’s in it for me, you ask? Why not just coast, not making any waves at this late date? That’s a choice you have, certainly. The groove in the comfort zone is well worn, but I’m here to suggest that there’s much more in it for you if you do get that ladder leaning a different way.

Here’s what’s in it for you:

1. You will gain new friends. People will be attracted to you in your new realm.
2. Your new friends will be more in tune with your new direction.
3. You will feel more alive and have a greater zest for living.
4. You become more flexible and able to accept change more easily.
5. You will grow new brain cells and will actually be smarter.

There are many more perks waiting for you when you start to bloom. I invite you to discover them for yourself. Then, please write me a note and let me know what you found out. I love to hear from other late bloomers.

Never Too Late To Bloom

Never Too Late To Bloom