Let Go of Guilt

If our mothers raised us “right”, we all have some guilt to deal with. Do this, don’t do that. What will happen to us if we do or we don’t. What will the neighbors think. How would it feel to let go of all that guilt and just be ourselves?

How would it feel to say to yourself, I did the best I could.

But surely, if we allow ourselves to be guilt free, won’t we just become raving, butcher-knife-waving maniacs? Thankfully, no, that’s not how it works. Our mores are well instilled by middle childhood, and they prevent most of us from becoming ax-murderers and such.

That being said, there is a certain type of guilt that is useful. I prefer to call it the Holy Spirit convicting us of wrongful behavior. We correct the behavior, apologize as appropriate, and the guilt is gone. The kind of guilt I’m talking about that we can let go of is the kind that results from thinking about the past. We think about the things we did or didn’t do long ago, maybe with a long-ago friend, our child or former spouse. We wish we had done things differently, and we have made what amends we could, but we are still consumed by guilt. That’s the kind of guilt which needs to be thrown overboard.

Why do I suggest this purge of guilt? Because it is harming you and not doing anyone else any good. In fact, your feelings are communicated to everyone around you and messing up your present relationships.

Try this: whenever you recognize guilt from the past, consciously let it go and replace it with thoughts of self-love and love of others. You will find that over time, love will indeed conquer your guilt.

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