Paleo* Is not for Everybody, But Could It Be for You?

If you’re a pasta and pizza kind of person, you might want to skip this post—or better yet, you might want to really, really try a Paleo diet–Paleolithic*, that is.

Wha…? WTH, etc? Why would I even say such a ridiculous thing. Eat like a caveman (or woman)?

It’s possible that you are making yourself fat, in a word. Not only that, you may be making yourself sick.

There is a large group of people who believe that if the Paleolithic people didn’t consume it, neither should we modern human beings, because our bodies haven’t changed very much since then.

And you may have heard that when you grocery shop, you should stick to the outside of the store. That’s where you find the meat, fruits and vegetables, which are the basis of the Paleo way. Of course you find a lot of other things on the perimeter of the store, such as dairy products, which are not on the menu.

The center of store is where you find the pop-tarts, bread, sugary drinks, baking mixes, canned stuff, “food” in boxes—all of which have had the nutrition processed right out of them, which is why they have to add “enriched” to the label. They take away all the good stuff and put back some kind of inferior substitute and call it food.

Any self-respecting Paleo housewife, or should I say cavewife, would be completely flabbergasted to see what passes for food nowadays.

That’s why I’ve prepared a free report for you to decide for yourself if Paleo might solve some health problems for you. I’ve been working on some health issues myself, and I share those in the report, with a few remedies I’ve tried, including Paleo.

I haven’t even mentioned weight loss, which seems to be on everyone’s agenda these days. Yes, Paleo helps you there too.

I hope this idea will help you. Again, here’s the link.

Never Too Late To Bloom

Never Too Late To Bloom