The Best Fairy Tale

My fairy tale roots are very deep. I had all of them read to me as a child, and later I read them for myself. I think my favorite was The Princess and the Pea. Do you know the story? The princess was so sensitive that when she had to sleep on a strange bed, she was uncomfortable and even bruised when she awoke, because under the mattress there was a pea.

I think the reason I loved the Princess and the Pea so much was that I couldn’t understand how anyone could be so sensitive and sheltered. At the same time I wanted to be like her.

My little girlfriend and I used to play princess and slave. I remember that I always had to be the slave. We talked recently by phone, and she recalled the story differently. In fact, she thinks she’s the one who always had to be the slave.

So we both grew up never really believing in our fairy tale selves as princesses. In our hearts we were slaves, and we knew it. Our princess selves had abundance and freedom. Our slave selves had to serve another at their pleasure, not ours.

The slave mentality, similar to the victim mentality I have written about, was a hard prison to break out of, because I had a lot of resentment about it. Now I understand that I resented feeling like a slave when I was meant to be a princess. I believe I’m mostly free of the slave mentality and the resentment now, but it took a lot of coaching and learning to conquer it.

What about you? Are you searching for your abundance and freedom? I promise you it is there for you. The thing is, you cannot get it from anyone else, because it comes from your own heart and mind. Do you believe you have to search for it alone? This is not true. Another person can be very helpful in guiding your journey.

What I’m suggesting is that, while your abundance and personal freedom come from within you, your guide can help you fan the flames into an eternal light. I have guided many women on this path.

When you realize you are in the place of freedom, you will replace your fairy tale wishes with real joy in your heart. And that is the best fairy tale life of all.

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