The Privilege of Growing Older

Not everyone is allowed the privilege of growing older. Some lives are snuffed out almost before they are lived–others in their prime. When I reflect on this, I feel very sad. I lost my father when he was only 49.

I don’t reflect on this sadness often. I prefer to live my life in a positive manner, looking forward, moving ahead. I feel very grateful and blessed that I have had this “growing older” privilege, along with my fantastic mother, who lived to 100. I know I’m here for a reason, and it’s that reason I want to share with you.

My reason is, I’m here for others–for my family first, of course. After that, however, I have been placed in the unique position of being able to help and coach others to find and achieve their purpose in mid-life and beyond.

How about you?

Are you here for a reason? What is it? Are you achieving it?

OK, ok, one question at a time! Are you here for a reason? If you don’t believe you are, I wonder why you are reading this blog. You may be looking for your reason without realizing it.

What is your reason? If you don’t know, that’s okay. Believe me, it is possible for you to find out. You have come to the right source. I can help you.

Let’s say you know you are here for a reason, and you know the reason. Are you achieving your purpose? I’d love to have a dialog with you about that.

Together we can move mountains. We have been given an amazing privilege. We are growing older. Let’s make our lives count!

Never Too Late To Bloom

Never Too Late To Bloom