The Seeds in Your Heart: Let’s Get Blooming!

By the time you’re my age–that is, you are a Social Security recipient–you would think that most of your blooming has already taken place. This was not the case with me, however. The seeds in my heart that had been lying dormant have now started to grow. In fact, a few of them have turned into plants and are now blooming.

If you’ve ever thought you might be a late bloomer, you probably are, just like me. This means you have been very busy with other people’s agendas rather than your own. You were taking care of children, a husband, church business, club business, sick people, and on and on.

Although you may protest that this is what you chose to do, which is true, is it truly what you were meant to be doing now?

Age is important, because we now have a life bonus of some 30 years from the time we start receiving Social Security. We call it the Third Age.

My theory is that once you enter the Third Age, you have a duty to yourself to find out what else may be in your heart to discover. Perhaps you have always had a talent for cake decorating; maybe you want to be a serious writer; or perchance you have always wanted to catalog all the varieties of butterflies in North America (I think that one may have already been done). Never mind. Do your research into whatever lurks in your heart, and find a way to re-invent yourself and your material to create something original.

In my case, it’s coaching and writing for women. I know this is my calling because of the inner resonance when I talk and write about it and when I coach the women who seek my counsel.

Women consult me for several reasons. The most common reasons are that they

1. are trying to bloom but it’s not happening.
2. have fears and anxieties keeping them from achieving their goals.
3. want the comfort of a guide to get there faster.

The first 45 minute consultation is free, and you are under no obligation to continue. You can learn more about coaching here.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get blooming.

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Never Too Late To Bloom

Never Too Late To Bloom