Victim Mentality Quiz

Do you suffer from victim mentality? I found this quiz on ivillage by someone named cl_itskendra. I apologize to Kendra, but I don’t know your full name, so I cannot give you proper credit. I thought these questions worthy of passing on to my readers. How many of these characteristics apply to you, dear reader?

1. I frequently believe that others have wronged me.
2. I often feel powerless to change my life for the better.
3. I harbor a great deal of resentment toward others.
4. I often blame others (spouse, parents, economy, etc.) for the unhappiness in my life.
5. I can easily name “good” reasons why I cannot change.
6. I have many friends and family who agree with my “good” reasons.
7. I have a hard time forgiving others.
8. I have a hard time forgiving myself.
9. I dislike or am uncomfortable with the word “responsibility.”
10. I resent and resist the idea of growing up.
11. I often fear life and its challenges.
12. When I am afraid I usually honor that fear and allow it to stop my productive action.
13. I often share my feelings of powerlessness with others.
14. I complain a lot.
15. I avoid people who encourage me to make positive changes.
16. I have not taken a significant risk in years.
17. I use my size, sex, education, etc. as an excuse for my passivity.
18. I have decided that one cannot heal from past trauma.
19. I refuse to make a list of positive changes for my life and begin to make a plan of action.
20. I think all these items apply to someone else.

The victim mentality has some other tentacles, which are hardly ever talked about. It’s a triangle, actually–Victim, Rescuer, Persecutor. If you think like a victim, you want to go about rescuing other victims, and, if people don’t behave the way you believe they should, you believe you have the right to victimize them, talk disparagingly about them or treat them badly.

If you said yes to a fair number of the above questions, watch to see if you have the other two mental processes going on as well. Tomorrow we’ll talk about what it takes to shed the victim mentality syndrome and its siblings.

“If it’s never our fault, we can’t take responsibility for it. If we can’t take responsibility for it, we’ll always be its victim.”
Richard Bach

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