What Determines Your Success?

My post today is a quote from Jack Canfield, one of my mentors. Jack puts a challenge to us. His answer might surprise you

What’s the biggest factor that determines how much money you make – or how successful you are in your career?

… Is it your education?

… The skills or experience you have?

… The number of hours you work or the amount of effort you put into impressing your boss or colleagues?

Nope to all of these.

The answer is this: it’s what you believe you are capable of accomplishing.

If you believe that you have what it takes to create a multimillion-dollar business, then you’ll find a way to make that happen.

If you believe that you have a bestselling book inside you, then you will sit down and write that book.

If you believe that you are capable of attracting the kind of financial wealth you need to live your ideal life, money will flow toward you from unexpected places.

Other people will believe in you, too, and want to help you reach your goals.

More attractive opportunities will come your way – and obstacles will fall away.

But first you have to believe in yourself.

Really, truly, deeply BELIEVE.

How do you that?

By following Success Shortcut 3:


If you’re like most people, you hold certain beliefs that – consciously or subconsciously – are preventing you from accomplishing everything you’re capable of achieving.

Beliefs like:

I’m not smart enough
I’m not talented enough
I have horrible luck
If I pursue my own desires, I’m selfish
I’m bad with money
If I take a chance, I’ll probably fail
Even though I hate my job, I need the financial security
I don’t deserve to be happy
If I ask for help, it’s sign of weakness

… Any of these sound familiar?

If you can learn how to identify the beliefs that are holding you back – and replace them with positive ones that empower you – you will achieve more than you ever thought possible.

I would love to have a dialog with you about your beliefs. Please comment below, or get in touch with me by phone or email.

Never Too Late To Bloom

Never Too Late To Bloom