What If My World Has Changed?

I lost my job. I quit my job. I got promoted; I got demoted. My spouse/significant other died or became disabled. I became disabled. My child left home; my child came back home. With a baby. My world has changed.

Does this have the ring of truth for you? We have all experienced change. After all, we live in a changeable world. Why should we be surprised when things change?

When things stay the same, we know how to manage our lives. We are on autopilot. And, to be brutally honest, most of us are pretty lazy. We don’t like to think too much, especially about our daily life. Just give us the same old, same old. It may be boring, but we know what to expect, and we feel safe.

Refer back to paragraph 1. In all these events, and many unnamed others, we face a changed situation. And we must change with it. Our habitual responses no longer serve us. We must actually think about what to do next. Autopilot has been switched off by unseen forces. We are no longer in control.

In reality, we never were “in control.” Our environment was relatively static. That’s all. And we were relatively mindless.

Now, we are more or less forced to be mindful, by circumstance. It is uncomfortable, because the future is unknown.

In truth, the future is always unknown. We only imagine it to be fixed within the parameters of our same old reality.

OK, you ask, but what do I do with this new knowledge? I don’t know what’s coming next, I have to do a lot more thinking and planning. I’m not happy and I don’t like the changes being forced upon me.

You are right. This will take some getting used to. It’s hard work and it hurts.

However, I’m going to ask you to look at the flip side of this. What’s good about it? What can you be grateful for? How could this be to your benefit?

Every cloud has a silver lining. And when you find that beautiful gift in the midst of the chaos, you will shout, “Hallelujah! My world has changed!”

It’s all in your perception.

I welcome your comments below.

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