What Were They Thinking?

What Were They Thinking?Now that a little over one-half of our nation’s eligible voters have chosen a new president, I am left wondering about the other 40+%. What were they thinking?

I talked to some of them as a volunteer for the Democratic party. “We don’t like any of the candidates,” they said, “so we are not going to vote.” Or “We can’t decide, so maybe we won’t vote.”

A few of them said something like, “Who cares?” or “Leave me alone,” when asked about their preferences. Most of them didn’t answer their phones (I don’t know what that means). Some were unable to vote because they didn’t register in time or with the correct credentials. And these were the registered Democrats and Independents.

Everyone responds differently when faced with the kind of rhetoric and unpleasant behavior we have seen this last year and a half. Some want to ignore it and just stick their heads in the proverbial sand. Some get involved to try to influence the outcome. Some just hunker down and follow the crowd. Some become (more) cynical.  Some actually try to think rationally in the midst of it all.

Personally, I hope we never again have to face the kind of animosity that developed here in the U.S. in recent days. I fear, however, that we will see even darker days in the near future.

And I do hope that we will be up to the challenges we face as beleaguered peaceniks—that we can find a way to be calm, loving and encouraging to others and ourselves.

And to those who chose not to participate in the electoral process, let us be especially kind. May their apathy and confusion inspire us to greater acts of service and community-building, with faith that a more informed and tolerant electorate will emerge.

Never Too Late To Bloom

Never Too Late To Bloom