Why me?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Most of us have at one time or another. It takes a certain kind of despair to ask this question. It may even be directed at God, as in “Why me, God?”

I just thought of a joke I had totally forgotten. Here it is.

A man lives his life in service to God and his fellow man. He obeys all the laws, even the speed limits. He never takes a vacation; he is so devoted to his work and his family. He works very hard and saves his money. He is such a good man. One day he decides he will take a vacation. He buys a ticket on a cruise ship, and in the middle of the cruise, the ship springs a leak, and starts to go down. Looking up at the sky, he cries, “Why me, God? Why me? I worked hard all my life, obeyed all the laws. Why?”

There is a huge bolt of lightning and thunderclap. A deep booming voice speaks. “Something about you just pisses me off.”

The fact is, people who seem to live their lives “perfectly” remind us of how imperfect the rest of us are. In this story, we see someone who feels cheated because he has tried to be good all his life and the payoff isn’t there for him. The humor may be a little twisted, but the grain of truth is there. Many of my clients have similar stories (minus the voice of God).

If you are experiencing the feeling of why me, you need not be alone. Coaching can help. Call for a free 45 minute consultation today.

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